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Colours and Markings




 In a chestnut horse the body colour ranges from a light washy yellow, through golden and reddish shades to a dark liver colour, the pigment being evenly distributed. The mane and tail are not black but are a chestnut colour which may be darker or lighter than the body coat. The lighter coloured chestnuts may have a flaxen mane and tail.

 In a dun horse the body coat ranges from a dark mousey to a light yellowish colour, resulting from dilution of one of the basic colours but a dorsal stripe remains and there may be transverse stripes on the knees and hocks.



The body coat of a cream horse is a cream colour. Cream with black points represents the dilution of brown or bay, and cream with cream mane and tail or with silver mane and tail (palomino) represents dilution of chestnut. The iris may be lightly coloured, giving the eye a pinkish or bluish appearance.